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Velour by ProjectX Paris


It’s time for the smooth man to experiment with texture! There is a whole range of texture at Baccus in this seasons new velour line by ProjectX ParisTouchably soft, eye catching and irresistible –  women will love it! The winter is almost fully upon us, and it’s time to cosy up. Whether you’re at home or having a drink out, hands will want to be on you if you’re wearing the velour. These tee-shirts come in three colours, warm burgundy, soft black and raw khaki – staying with the fashionable earthly tones of this season. They look almost two tone as they catch the light, for that autumnal muscle fit look. Slipped on with a pair of trackies for that just out of bed look will work great! Or to smarten up, a cool pair of black jeans won’t stiffen up your image as you’ll still own the look of a man she wants to rest her cheek on.


The velour range not only comes in tee-shirts but also in tracksuits. So for that full on sexy, get feathered up. If you’re not ready for all that attention… Mix up your look and wear the hoodie or the bottoms as singles and create a world of textures and layers with simple tees and blue jeans. Either way, wear it, own it.

ProjectX Paris was created in 2015 by two young french designers trying to find inspiration in urban lifestyle and street fashion. They focus on innovation in terms of cuts and textiles, the highest quality product and great fashion trends.

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